WorkSafeNB releases COVID-19 guide in time for return to work

To assist employers during the easing of restrictions, WorkSafeNB has developed Working Safely Amid COVID-19 and Other Communicable Diseases and a four-step approach and accompanying template for developing a communicable disease prevention plan. These two resources can guide employers on what to do now, two years into the pandemic.

“As restrictions ease, your workplace will continue to pose risks from COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. The level of risk in your workplace depends on various job roles, workplace population, tasks, staff vaccination rates, public access and workspace,” said WorkSafeNB.

The agency reminds employers to consider their risk of exposure to communicable diseases by asking the following questions:

  • How likely are workers to come into contact with people infected with the virus, including other workers, suppliers, customers and consumers?
  • Do employees in the workplace interact with the public? Is there public access?
  • How do people interact in your workplace? Can physical distancing be reliably maintained? Are people wearing masks when interacting?
  • Is the workplace part of a vulnerable sector? Do employees in the workplace interact with people in the vulnerable sector?
  • Is information on the vaccination status of people interacting in the workplace available? Is there a vaccination policy?

WorkSafeNB has also asked employers to follow a four-step approach as part of their communicable disease prevention plan:

  1. Assess the risk.
  2. Implement measures, practices and policies.
  3. Communicate measures, practices and policies.
  4. Continually evaluate and update the plan.

WorkSafeNB also reminds employers that as of March 14, they no longer need to report workplace exposures to COVID-19 to WorkSafeNB.

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Susan W. Lloyd