Vaccinated Dr Fauci Shares Personal COVID Safety Precautions – NBC4 Washington

Dr Anthony Fauci shares what his preferred COVID-19 safety precautions look like based on his age and health risks after being fully vaccinated, as coronavirus cases tend to decline in the face of new, more contagious variants .

While he hopes restrictions start to ease as more people get vaccinated, Fauci said he is not making any major changes and will continue to follow his own safety measures.

“I still don’t eat inside and I still do take out,” Fauci said. “I want to continue supporting restaurants in my neighborhood where I would normally go.”

To stay active, Fauci said he and his wife take weekend walks in his neighborhood in northwest DC.

“I’ll go to pretty places. I go to the C&O Canal or I go to the mall during the week, ”Fauci said. “I have a route that I know exactly how long it takes. I timed it on my iPhone. I’m going three and a half miles, four miles, and I know where I’m going.

Fauci still restricts visitors to his home, only allowing people who have been vaccinated or who get tested frequently.

Dr Anthony Fauci presented the schedule for the results of COVID-19 vaccine tests that are currently being performed on school-aged children.

“We always keep what goes on in my house very limited to my wife and I,” Fauci said.

When it comes to summer vacation, Fauci said it won’t be that easy. Based on the vaccination rate, he hopes things will start to normalize around the fall so people can go back to dining indoors, going to the movies, attending indoor sporting events and more.

He also said he goes to the grocery store during off-peak hours and limits the number of trips he makes there.

Finally, Fauci reminded everyone who has been vaccinated to continue to wear a mask, as it remains unclear whether a vaccinated person is able to carry the virus and pass it on to others.

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