UNMC relaxes security measures related to COVID-19

Effective today (March 21), UNMC is updating its COVID-19 guidance in response to reducing COVID-19 transmission in the community.

While the challenges are not over, current data allows UNMC to relax some of its COVID-19 safety precautions. The UNMC will continue to monitor the number of local cases and the potential impact of the BA.2 subvariant and will modify its guidance as necessary.


  • Surgical masks will continue to be required for all students, staff, faculty and visitors in public, common and patient contact areas on all UNMC campuses at all times.
    • Public and common areas include, but are not limited to: clinics, hallways, elevators, atriums, bathrooms, lounges, McGoogan Library open spaces, and dining areas (except during meal).
  • Surgical masks will continue to be required in public spaces and in contact with Nebraska Medicine patients and other clinical partners.
  • Where appropriate social distancing is possible, masks will no longer be required in non-clinical and non-public areas, including classrooms, offices, break rooms, cubicles, library study rooms and conference rooms. Appropriate social distancing is interpreted as using the socially distanced room capacity (as defined for certain rooms) or 40% of normal room capacity. Socially distant room capacities for some rooms are available online.
  • Masks are still required for people who have an approved exemption to the vaccination policy.
  • Masks may continue to be worn by those who are immunocompromised and/or at higher risk of serious illness, as well as those who are more comfortable with masking or choose to do so for any other reason.
  • Mask guide for finding specific activities and spaces to follow.


  • Room capacity should be considered when planning an in-person gathering. Considerations should be made for appropriate social distancing, adequate ventilation and, if possible, a virtual option for people choosing this option. In-person gatherings where masking is not required must meet socially distanced room capacity or 40% of normal room capacity. Socially distant room capacities for the Omaha campus are available online.
  • Food (wrapped or unwrapped) is permitted at indoor gatherings if the above social distancing guidelines are followed.
  • Off-campus gatherings must follow these same guidelines.
  • Food may continue to be served at outdoor gatherings.
  • This replaces the previous pilot program for gatherings with food.

Gatherings that do not meet these criteria are discouraged and require an event security plan. Events that meet these criteria do not require an event security plan.


Visitors, volunteers and vendors

Visitors, volunteers and vendors will be permitted on the UNMC campus according to the following guidelines:

  • The host unit must escort the visitor(s) and ensure they follow all campus guidelines.
  • Masks are mandatory for visitors, volunteers and vendors, except when eating.

These guidelines will be reviewed weekly and updated based on community transmission rates, COVID-related hospitalizations and other factors.

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Susan W. Lloyd