Unintentional Safety Hazard Along Avenue Gratiot in Roseville: Here’s What We Know

ROSEVILLE, Mich. – An unintended safety hazard along Avenue Gratiot in Roseville caused a great deal of concern among members who live in that area.

Many say the works were long overdue. However, the construction at Gratiot Avenue and Road to Utica in Roseville created an unintended safety hazard.

“I said MDOT it’s inevitable,” said Edward Stross, owner of the Gonzo Art Gallery. “Someone is going to be killed here.”

Stross had a ringside seat to a security issue in Roseville.

“It’s a dangerous situation,” Stross said.

The Stross Art Gallery is located where MDOT spent $65 million to improve Gratiot Avenue, improve traffic flow and build new corners to add compliance.

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One of these new corners is in front of the Stross gallery.

“I love it,” Stross said. “It gives us artists more opportunities to be creative here. On Friday nights, we go out here, I bring free art supplies to locals, and I’m worried about their safety now.

Stross’ doorbell camera, seen in the video player above, shows you the safety issue as more prominent corners mean a tighter turn for trucks and tractor-trailers that need to climb up and over those new corner curbs .

We flew drone 4 to show you where the sidewalk was before it was extended.

Aerial view shows tire treads on extended curb of trailers that cannot go around.

Now Stross is sounding the alarm on the security issue.

“It has to be a no turn for the trucks,” Stross said. “There are many other ways to access this area. They can go down 12 Mile to Utica Road. It just won’t be safe.

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The matter was brought to the attention of MDOT on Wednesday. Looking for solutions, they say truck traffic shouldn’t make those turns.

MDOT wants trucks down 12 Mile Road to access Utica Road. To ensure drivers of the change, MDOT will post signs that read “Semi-Trucks Are Prohibited”.

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