Tork site safety guide shares health and safety recommendations for manufacturers

Hygiene and health company Essity has developed the Tork Site Safety Guide for Manufacturing to share best practices.

Today, the global health and hygiene company Essity, the global manufacturer of Tork, released the Tork Site Safety Guide for Manufacturing. This guide provides an overview of Essity’s first-hand experience with the pandemic and its role in advising the UK government on safer policy. It serves as a case study for other manufacturers to develop their own business recovery strategy. This comprehensive approach was created through collaboration with unions, industry organizations, as well as public health officials, and is designed to mitigate the spread of infection and ensure the safety of workers, customers and the public. public.

The best practices presented in the guide describe strategies on how to effectively exercise social distancing in a contained manufacturing environment, navigate areas of high traffic and people flows, and achieve hygiene protocols. and critical surface cleaning among employees. It also provides recommendations on properly training employees on key COVID-19 information such as symptoms of the virus, the importance of hand hygiene, and proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

“The security measures we have taken at our facilities were introduced to protect and maintain the well-being of our employees,” said Jenny Turner, Marketing Director, Essity, Occupational Hygiene. “The implementation of these strict protocols at our facilities has enabled our global operations to continue to provide essential hygiene supplies and other commodities around the world, including frontline healthcare workers, without interruption. We believe that other manufacturers – our peers and customers across the industry – can benefit from our experience, and we would like to share our lessons to help keep safe working environments on the road to recovery. “

Manufacturing plays a vital role in stabilizing and sustaining global supply chains. As facilities secure the new standard of hygiene across the globe, these safeguards are integral to strengthening best practices and implementing preventative measures to slow the spread of infection.

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