The disorder at home deemed “danger to public safety” and removed

CAPE CORAL – We have a sequel to a story that we first brought to you last Friday.

A house with a front yard full of garbage is finally clean. Cape Coral Mayor John Gunter said he saw our story on Sunday morning and contacted town staff to deal with it.

“I came across your newspaper clipping, and it concerned me enough that, I wanted to make sure later in the morning that I went and got myself on my own,” Gunter said.

When he got there he saw the mess that had been left in the yard for months. Gunter says he immediately informed the general manager.

“He decided to call Public Works because he felt it was a life safety issue,” Gunter said.

Now the garbage has all been dumped, at least in the front yard.

But while we were home on Monday, a woman pulled over into a U-Haul and told us where we could find the owner, Michael Mann. The woman said Mann was staying at the Westin Hotel in Cape Coral. She also gave us her room number so we went to that room and of course Mann was staying there and we were able to speak to her in person.

Mann declined to provide us with an official interview, but his attorney Terry Cramer called us and said Mann had been in jail for months on a battery charge.

Meanwhile, Cramer said Mann’s wife caused the problems at home.

“She apparently invited these people over to the house and they came with the U-Haul one day and moved all their possessions and furniture and so forth in the house and then whatever they had that didn’t fit in the house. house they then put in the driveway, in the garage and in the front yard, ”said Cramer, who works for the Wilbur Smith law firm.

Cramer said they tried to clean up the mess in a timely manner, but said the people who lived there were not cooperative.

“We had to get a court order to get these people, these squatters out of the house, and then once we finally got them out they kept coming back,” Cramer said.

Gunter has said that now that the saga is almost over, he wants to review city policies to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“We have to make sure that all of our policies that we have here in the city, that we can minimize the timing and the effects on the community when you have something like that that is a possible public safety issue,” Gunter said.

Cramer told us on Tuesday that they were going to have a dumpster at the house because apparently the interior is always full of trash. He said once they clean that up Mann plans to relocate the house permanently.

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Susan W. Lloyd