Tanzania: Fishermen must respect safety measures

The Geita District Commissioner, Mr. Wilson Shimo, has ordered the District Fishery Officers to take legal action against fishermen operating on Lake Victoria without putting on safety gear.

He issued the order recently, during his official visit to Nkome Beach after seeing youths with their canoes on Lake Victoria without observing safety measures.

“It is strictly forbidden for fishermen in the district to carry out fishing activities on the lake without observing the safety instructions,” he said.

He said that the government recognizes their value and their potential contribution to the economy and that is why it enforces the need to respect security measures.

“You have to support this, you have to implement this. You are the one who initially identifies the value of your life and family, please work safe,” Shimo insisted.

According to him, the district experienced the death of five fishermen about three months ago, due to negligence in respecting boating safety instructions.

The Nkome Ward Fisheries Officer, Mr Revocatus Nahunge, said patrols along Lake Victoria had been carried out for about three weeks now, and 20 rebels had been arrested.

He added that patrols are carried out at different times and locations to ensure boating safety guidelines for anglers are 100% enforced to help reduce maritime accidents.

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Susan W. Lloyd