Several Aiken County Public Security Officers Test Positive for COVID; unknown source

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WJBF) – Several public safety officers in Aiken County have tested positive for COVID-19. These public security officers are from the departments of North Augusta and Aiken. The diagnosis was confirmed during training organized by the Aiken Public Security Department.

The training has taken place in recent weeks.

“We were doing a joint in-house training program in conjunction with the North Augusta Department of Public Safety,” said the Aiken Department of Public Safety Cpt. Aaron Dobbs told NewsChannel 6’s Aiken bureau chief Shawn Cabbagestalk. It was an isolated training program on our training grounds. The conclusion of this program has been postponed, ”he added.

The exact number of people affected is not yet known and North Augusta public safety officials say they do not know where the cases are coming from. said Lieutenant Tim Thorton. “There is no evidence to support that these officers contracted it during a specific event or element such as training,” he added.

So far, no confirmation from law enforcement on the condition or status of employees in Aiken.

“It is the preference of my human resources department not to comment on the state of health of any of our employees,” said the Cpt. Dobbs shared.

Meanwhile, we asked officials if there will be any changes to staff who may wear masks. CDC protocols will be as before.

“When it is mandatory, we will take the necessary precautions. Where it’s recommended, it’s a recommendation and it depends on the individual, ”said Lt. Thorton.

“One of the things we’re going to continue to do is just follow the recommendations of the CDC,” said Cpt. Dobbs added.

“Aiken Town’s Human Resources Department has a practice of not commenting on the health status of an Aiken Town employee.

In recent weeks, Aiken Public Safety and North Augusta Public Safety have participated in a joint in-house training program at the Fire Academy.

The conclusion of this training has been postponed. No interruption of services to the public is to be expected due to this postponement.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with all of those suffering from the effects of COVID-19. “

Lieutenant Jennifer Hayes / Aiken Public Security Department

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