Security officers in the event of a pandemic to facilitate the implementation of the COVID-19 security plan

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa .– In preparation for the return of employees and students to Penn State campuses for the fall semester, comprehensive safety guidelines have been developed and will be strictly enforced in the interest of health and safety of the university community.

As part of these efforts, and in accordance with the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, each college, campus, institute, or administrative unit will need to designate a pandemic safety officer for each workplace, such as a building. or a site, to answer questions. on the requirements of the University’s COVID-19 security plan. The Pandemic Security Officer will serve as the first level of contact to help implement COVID-19 security plans and respond to questions and concerns raised by students, faculty and staff within their units. respective.

If people do not adhere to COVID-19 security requirements, then disciplinary action will be imposed on the employee’s supervisor and the human resources representative, or the Student Conduct Office for students.

Pandemic Security Officers, who will be designated by each unit manager, will serve as key resources related to COVID-19 security standards and to raise individual questions and concerns within a unit. More specifically, security guards in the event of a pandemic:

“Pandemic security guards will play a critical role in our efforts to protect the health and well-being of the community as we implement our COVID-19 security plans in coordination with the Operations Control Center COVID-19 from the University and our EHS office, ”said Jim Crandall, director of Penn State Environmental Health and Safety. “These people will be an important resource on the ground for faculty, staff, students and administrators. In this dynamic environment, we need to be able to communicate quickly and resolve emerging issues with clarity, and using your Pandemic Security Officer is the best way to achieve this. “

Full details on the role and responsibilities of the security officer in the event of a pandemic are available on the Environmental health and safety website.

COVID-19 Security Enforcement and Reporting

The need for the new role of pandemic security officer has been identified in a COVID-19 Safety Standards, Expectations and Accountability Working Group Report, which details how the University’s COVID-19 security plan will be implemented, as well as ways for community members to report security concerns.

“Meeting the University’s COVID-19 safety standards is critical to protecting the health of the entire Penn State community,” said Abby Diehl, assistant vice-president of faculty affairs and task force chair on the University’s COVID-19 safety standards, expectations and accountability. . “Each student and employee will be held individually accountable for these standards, as the success of our return-to-campus planning depends on our collective commitment to wear masks, maintain social distancing, and ensure the health and safety of students. each other. “

Students who fail to meet Penn State’s COVID-19 security requirements, including masking, social distancing, and testing, will be the subject of an action under the Code of Student Conduct. Faculty members received a guidance document which outlines the steps they can take to manage safety concerns related to COVID-19 in the classroom, including dismissing non-compliant students from the classroom and returning them to the Office of Student Conduct. Similar tips was issued when students visit University offices.

In addition, all employees and students are subject to Pennsylvania State Policy SY01, which states that “All University employees and students have a specific responsibility to comply with established health and safety policies, standards, rules, procedures and regulations. Respect for these is essential to create and maintain a healthy and safe environment at all University sites. “

Employee failure to follow COVID-19 health and safety protocols will be treated the same as any violation of occupational health and safety guidelines. Supervisors and academic administrators should address COVID-19-related health and safety violations by staff and faculty in a consistent and consistent manner, in consultation with the unit’s human resources representative.

Employees who wish to report health and safety issues within their unit should contact their supervisor, human resources representative and / or pandemic safety officer. Students wishing to report a health and safety issue should contact their Head of Academic Unit (Head of Department, School Director, Head of Division or Associate Dean for Academic Affairs) or the Pandemic Security Officer of their unity. Other avenues for reporting include Ethics and Compliance Office and Environmental health and safety.

For more information on Penn State’s COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, visit and

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Susan W. Lloyd