Seaman MS hopes further safety precautions will stop the current behavior

TOPEKA, Kansas (WIBW) – Students at Seaman Middle School say people are fighting in the school bathroom. Director Joshua Snyder said they were aware of the reports – but had not heard of drug use in the building.

“Specific drug situations have never been discussed in our school. This is new information for us. This is also the reason why we are implementing these new safety measures in the building.

The school said Tuesday evening it would check backpacks, use the school’s surveillance systems, teachers will monitor hallways and K-9 units led by trained officers will be on site until the end. of the school year.

“I think all the safety precautions help us and I think it’s important that we wrap around each other and support each other and so one of those wrap-around supports is to bring those things and making sure that the visibility is there. That we take everything that is brought to us seriously.

Parents and students are encouraged to use a confidential “see something, say something” reporting system. It’s not anonymous, which Snyder and the school say may be confusing parents.

“No one’s name is shared. It’s a confidential process and they trust us by giving us the information we need to back them up. So while it’s not anonymous, it’s confidential and we take that privacy very seriously. “

He said it was a collaborative effort with the administration, the district security director, the school’s resource manager, teachers, students and parents who see and see him. report. “Our students are here to learn, they are there to be great in life and it’s our job to provide them with that atmosphere. They should be able to show up and experience limitless learning, so that’s our goal. “

Snyder said Seaman has a point value system for his disciplinary system. A student who accumulates 24 points is suspended for at least the remainder of the school year. Fighting gives a student 12 points and 3 days of extra-curricular suspension. Drugs are an immediate 24 point suspension.

“If something were to happen, we go to our manual, we implement the manual, and we follow our behavior matrix and all the other stuff in there,” he said. “In addition to the re-teaching piece to help them support them so that they don’t make the same mistakes and not only are you putting in place your consequences and necessary actions – you are also doing re-teaching.”

They have increased their supervision plan over the year and with the return of students to full in-person learning, they continue to adapt. He said if parents or teachers see something they need to target, they will.

“It’s a family at the College of Sailors and our teachers care so much about our children and me too. No one would ever turn a blind eye to someone’s safety. So my answer is that we are all held accountable because we love our children and that is what is most important to us.

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Principal Joshua Snyder is hopeful that the new security measures implemented by the school will help reduce fighting and prevent drugs from entering the hallways.

We continue to monitor allegations of fights and drug use happening in the washroom at Seaman Middle School and Snyder said they are investigating further.

Snyder said they were aware of the fights and the drug allegations in the toilets. They investigate every incident and encourage parents to use the see something, say something reporting system.

The reporting system is not anonymous but it is confidential and parents are asked to register so that the school can further investigate the incident.

“We want this relationship and this partnership with them. We want them to contact us, we want them to communicate with us, ”he said.

As for the drug allegations from students and parents, he said it was news to them. This is why they are implementing the new precautions of random searches of backpacks, K-9 units at school, using school surveillance systems and asking staff to watch the hallways.

He said it was a collaborative effort with the administration, the district security director, the school’s resource manager, teachers, students and parents who see and see him. report. He stressed that partnerships are important.

“When we can work together as a community, we can solve any obstacles we face. Conversations, meetings, this is where a good job is done and this is what we want to continue to encourage these types of conversations to take place.

Snyder said he believes the new safety precautions may be solutions to what’s going on. He wants to see students succeed by taking care of everyone at SMS and standing up for them.

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