Schools take extra safety measures after Uvalde shooting

Harmony Science Academy, ECIDD schools and others remain vigilant in the wake of the tragedy.

ODESSA, Texas – A lockdown at Harmony Science Academy the day after a shooting in a school in Uvalde made students and parents frantic on Wednesday.

Joshua Perea, a parent at Harmony Science Academy, was told there was a lockdown at his son’s school and it scared him.

“I called the woman right away, you know mostly with the situation that happened yesterday, you know somewhere else and then things cross your mind,” Perea said. “You know, in your head as a parent, and all we have are our kids, so it’s sad to have to go through that.”

The Uvalde school shooting that killed 19 children and two teachers is a major concern for schools around the world.

“We are horrified to have seen this and simply cannot imagine the untold trauma these children and teachers have gone through,” said Ector County ISD Superintendent Dr. Scott Muri. “I can’t imagine what the parents are going through and what their whole community is going through right now.”

Schools like Harmony Science Academy and schools in ECIDD take no risks when it comes to security.

“In response to this, we have beefed up our own security on our campuses, school at ECISD ends Thursday of this week and we have additional officers, not only our own police officers, but members of the police department of ‘Odessa, from the sheriff’s department,” Muri said.

When Harmony Science Academy learned of the comments made at a local business, they took extra precautions and self-quarantined.

While more school safety is a good thing, parents wish it was just something that didn’t need to happen in the first place.

“You always think the worst and that’s fine what we do? Nowadays in society, and it’s just sad that we have to do this, I wish we had a safe environment for our children,” said Perea.

ECIDD will have additional security during graduation ceremonies to ensure the safety of everyone involved. They also provide mental health resources for parents and children on their website.

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Susan W. Lloyd