Safety precautions to keep in mind when using space heaters in your home

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) – New York firefighters say a faulty heater is the cause of a fatal blaze in the Bronx.

As winter continues, the Heartland Fire Department wants you to stay safe if you rely on space heaters to keep warm.

“A lot of our fires in the winter are either from space heaters or from another heating source.”

Deputy Chief Noah Crump said fires caused by heaters are all too common in Scott City.

“We can start 8 to 10 structure fires in the two months of winter and we’re pretty sure that at least one or two of them will come from a heater that was either a very old one that had no no safety features on it that’s been knocked over or piled around,” Crump said.

He also said that using an extension cord with a heater can be very dangerous.

“They draw a lot of amperage, so if you have a real little extension cord and someone plugs it into it. Overheats the extension cord, melts the extension cord, then we have what starts when the heater creates an electrical fire, then a house fire,” Crump said.

Aire Solutions owner Greg Brown suggested keeping flammable items away from your home.

“You have to keep them away from curtains, drapes, stuff like that. Keep them away from anything that can burn,” Brown said.

Crump said it’s important to keep an eye on your radiators and not leave them unattended for too long.

“’If you don’t go home with it, turn it off,’ Crump continued. “What may start as a small problem that you could catch very quickly can turn into a big problem if you are away for several hours or overnight or during the day while we are at work.”

Another concern about the fatal fire in New York is the lack of working smoke detectors.

Now is a good time to make sure your smoke detector is in good working order.

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