Safety measures taken by different school districts in the Greater Houston area

HOUSTON – COVID-19 cases are on the rise again, forcing some districts and universities to assess their security measures. Others have said they will not follow any special protocols for the coming year.

Here’s what each district said about the upcoming school year:

Aldine ISD

All staff, students and families are encouraged to wear a mask on all Aldine ISD campuses and administrative buildings. Staff and students are encouraged to continue to monitor their health and take precautions, including getting vaccinated if they are 12 years of age or older, to protect themselves and others. Aldine ISD will continue to encourage students and staff to stay home if they are sick, to monitor their distance, to wash their hands and to wear their masks. Districts will continue to make vaccines available to all teachers and staff at Aldine ISD and will work with community partners to ensure our community is educated and has access to tests and vaccines. Click here to read more.

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Alief ISD

Depending on the district, masks will be optional for all staff and students to wear at their personal discretion and preference. Alief ISD will continue to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to all employees and students. Campus clinics will have face coverings and other PPE items available to any employee or student upon request. Alief ISD will also maintain additional cleaning and security protocols such as social distancing. Parents and staff can read the detailed guidelines at

Clear Creek ISD

The Clear Creek Independent School District will open and operate schools during the 2021-2022 school year with the activities and routines that are synonymous with Clear Creek ISD, including, but not limited to, the full use of classroom and lab supplies, campus performances, classroom celebrations and vacation lunches. Masks will be optional for students, teachers and staff. Visit to learn more.

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Conroe ISD

Like many other school districts in the region, the Conroe Independent School District will follow the recommendations of the TEA and remove key COVID-19 protocols that were in place last year. The district’s website says there will be no temperature checks and other screenings, mask warrants, social distancing or special virtual learning. Conroe ISD will keep its COVID-19 dashboard up to date. Students and staff will always be encouraged to maintain good hygiene and stay home if they feel ill. Students will be offered free lunch and breakfast. Read the full plan and other frequently asked questions on the Conroe ISD website.

Fort Bend ISD

Students, staff or visitors will not be required to wear masks on campus. The district will continue to promote good hygiene practices. There will be social distancing, but it will be reduced to 3 feet of distance between students or adults. Cleaning protocols will remain in place. FBISD will continue to work with local health authorities and adjust our health and safety protocols as needed. Read the full back-to-school plan on the FBISD website.

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Friendswood CIO

Students, teachers and staff will not be required to wear a mask. Social distancing protocols will not be implemented, but campuses will be thoroughly cleaned throughout the day. Teachers, students and staff will also be encouraged to practice good hygiene. HVAC systems have been adjusted to increase the supply of outside air. Learn more on the Friendswood ISD website.

Galveston CIO

Face masks are not mandatory for teachers, students or staff. It is recommended to use water fountains to fill the reusable bottles. Social distancing practices will be put in place. Extracurricular activities will continue in accordance with UIL guidelines. Click here to read more.

Houston CIO

According to HISD, there will be no temperature check, but students, teachers and staff are encouraged to perform the checks at home. Masks are optional for students and staff indoors, outdoors and on school transport. HISD said there will be no social distancing protocol in place and capacity limits have been lifted. Extracurricular activities can resume competitions and training without limitations. Learn more at

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Humble ISD

Humble ISD said masks are optional at district facilities and at school-sponsored events. The district will continue to publish a COVID dashboard that shows by building all cases reported through the links. Information on cases is shared with city and county public health departments and the TEA. Read more here.

Katy CIO

Masks will be optional for all staff and students to wear at their personal discretion and preference. Katy ISD said she will continue to provide personal protective equipment, including hand sanitizer, to all employees and students. District security teams will maintain a regular cleaning schedule to sanitize high traffic areas throughout the day, including doorknobs, washrooms, transition areas for large groups, and the cafeteria between meals. . Students, teachers and staff are encouraged to stay home if they are sick. Visit the Katy ISD website for more information.

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Klein ISD

Klein ISD will follow the Texas Education Agency’s school health and operations requirements for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year. Face masks are optional. The district will continue to use improved cleaning protocols and hospital grade / EPA registered disinfectant products to clean classrooms, heavily used spaces and buses on a daily basis. It will also provide hand sanitizer stations on campuses, facilities and buses. Click here for more information.

Pasadena ISD

Face masks are recommended but not required, depending on the district. Students, teachers, and staff are encouraged to maintain a 3-foot social distance where possible. The district said it could implement additional health and safety measures if necessary. Visit the Pasadena ISD website for more information.

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Pearland ISD

Face coverings are optional for all staff and students. Staff and students will continue to wash their hands frequently throughout the day. Students, teachers and staff will be expected and encouraged to practice proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. Those who have a fever or feel ill should stay home. Click here for more information.

ISD Spring Branch

Students, teachers, and staff can choose to wear face masks, but they are not required. Those who choose to wear one should not that their masks cannot have political images, words or slogans except for a school or district logo of SBISD or the logo of a middle School. Everyone on campus will be encouraged to maintain at least 3 feet of social distancing whenever possible. Read the full list of protocols here.

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Spring CIO

Spring ISD will continue a regular building and bus cleaning and disinfection program, but most COVID-19 protocols are a thing of the past, for now. The district will also not require masks, temperature checks and social distancing. It will also eliminate the COVID-19 dashboard. However, the district is requesting that the parent / guardian of any student who tests positive for COVID-19 inform their campus so that the district can monitor trends and report to the Harris County Department of Health if necessary. See the full plan on the Spring ISD website.

Rice University

The university has sent a note to students and staff with the policies in place for the school year. According to policies, masks are mandatory indoors at all times for faculty, student staff, and visitors with a few exceptions. In-person classes will continue as scheduled, however, some online classes are available. Indoor gatherings of more than 100 people must be reviewed and approved. All campus buildings have been altered to reduce transmission of the virus through maximum airflow settings, high-efficiency filters and UV-C lamps in the air circulation systems. Learn more at

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University of South Texas

According to the TSU website, face masks will be encouraged but not required. Shared spaces and other high traffic areas will continue to be cleaned and disinfected daily. Disinfectants and hand sanitizer will be provided for use by departments and work units. The courses will be offered in person, online and hybrid. Read more here.

University of houston

The university plans to revert to an in-person course schedule starting in the fall of 2021. This will include traditional face-to-face classes as well as the regular complement of hybrid and online courses historically offered over the course of a semester. ‘fall. Masks are no longer mandatory for students, but all students and staff, “especially for people who are not fully immunized”, are encouraged to wear one. Read more detailed protocols on the UH website.

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