RTA union calls for more safety precautions after bus driver and her beloved husband die from COVID-19

“All I remember is his last conversation where he told me he loved me and would talk to me later. Later he never came because he never responded, ”she said.

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans bus driver recently lost his life to COVID-19 and the transit workers’ union is now calling for more safety precautions.

The pain for his widow, Monique, is unimaginable.

“I really have to live my life without my better half,” she said in tears.

Monique Jackson first met her husband in 17 years while they were both in college. She was a cheerleader. He was a football player.

Fate brought them together. And COVID tore them apart.

“He was so adamant that he didn’t want the vaccine and nothing I said was working to convince him to get it,” Jackson said.

Brian Jackson, 54, often introduced himself as “Bruno”. He was a father of seven and a grandfather of 14.

Monique said he had held her dream job as an RTA bus driver in New Orleans for four years.

Monique has recounted a time when he tore up his dryer years ago, and it still works to this day.

“He was a joker. He was my MacGyver in real life because he fixed anything and everything, ”she said.

But in July, Brian started to feel sick. He stayed in the spare bedroom of their house for six days before being hospitalized.

For ten more days he was in the hospital, texting Monique rather than calling, to keep her from knowing how serious her condition was.

Eventually, he was put on a ventilator. Five days later, on August 10, he became the fourth person in his family to die from COVID-19.

Monique can hardly go through the memory of those days without crying.

“All I remember is his last conversation where he told me he loved me and would talk to me later. Later he never came because he never responded, ”she said.

Brian “Bruno” Jackson is the third RTA employee in New Orleans to die of COVID. He is one of at least 158 ​​to die from the disease nationwide, according to the national union. 4

The drivers’ union is demanding passenger limits, a risk premium and increased safety.

The president of Amalgamated Transit Union International wrote in a statement:

“The hard-working men and women of the RTA have provided essential transportation services since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they have not signed up to do this job to die. We demand that the RTA do more to protect workers so that no more lives are lost. “

Monique has a message for those who still have doubts.

“I urge anyone who has not received the vaccine to give serious thought to getting this vaccine,” she said. “Because I wish I could wrap Brian up and take him and give him this vaccine, and he would still be here with me today.”

On Monday evening, RTA employees will release Brian Jackson memorial balloons in front of the Canal Street building.

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