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In 2018, in the Netherlands, a replica of Noah’s ark was launched on the world and quickly caused chaos. It was called VerhalenArk, and it was basically a Bible-themed museum (with animals!) That looked like Ken Hamthe boat … minus the cost of $ 100 million.

But as soon as he started to sail he crashed on several boats moored along the IJsselmeer lake.

At the time, the owner Aad Peters said he was shocked by the damage: “We have been on the road for years and have been through a lot of storms, but it has never happened before.”

We didn’t hear much about the boat after that. It just functioned like a museum and the world more or less ignored it. But at the end of 2019, the boat moored in the city of Ipswich, England… and never left.

Now the East Anglian Daily Times reports that there is a good reason he never left: The British Government’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency states that the the boat is too dangerous. It’s like driving a car that can break down at any time.

She also cannot sail under the Dutch flag despite being registered there, the key certification is missing and, as of April 1, the vessel faces a fine of £ 500 per day.

The owners of L’Arche want to leave but the coast guard will not allow it, so an “impossible impasse” has been reached. This led to feuds between UK and Dutch authorities which resulted in Transport Secretary Grant Shapps’ request for intervention.

The detention report, seen by this newspaper, suggests The Ark arrived with missing legally required load line certificates, no tonnage information, and a slew of other concerns such as overdue services for fire equipment, life jackets and rescue boats.

It is possible that the government will grant an exemption to the boat and allow it to return home, but it is also possible that it will force the owners of the boat to refit it until it is safe. Either way, this container meant to be proof of Bible truth has become a security hazard… which is perhaps the most perfect metaphor there is.

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