New safety precautions for visitors to Lincolnshire community hospitals

Visitors to the county’s four community hospitals are urged to test for the coronavirus – and show evidence of a negative result – before they can see patients.

The Gainsborough, Louth, Skegness and Spalding sites, which are operated by the Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust, remain open for patient visits.

However, to help reduce the risk of the coronavirus spreading to vulnerable patients, visitors are advised to take a lateral flow test before arriving and provide proof of a negative result.

All visits are by appointment only.

Visitors are limited to one per patient to support social distancing in trust services.

Families and friends should contact the clerk of the relevant community hospital to make an appointment for an in-person visit.

In accordance with national guidelines and to minimize the risk of transmission of the coronavirus, all visitors to community hospitals are reminded to:

  • wear an appropriate new face covering when you arrive at the hospital. Free face coverings will be available for visitors who do not have one
  • wash your hands on arrival at the hospital entrance using the hand sanitizer provided
  • follow all temporary ground markings to guide them safely to the hospital site
  • follow social distancing guidelines between themselves and patients, visitors and hospital staff.

Tracy Pilcher, Director of Nursing, Allied Health and Operations, said, “Contact with family is very important to our patients who are often seniors.

“Being able to see loved ones is an essential element in ensuring the well-being of the patients in our services.

“We are doing everything possible to continue to allow visits to our community hospitals while introducing additional precautions by requiring visitors to take a lateral flow test before arriving.

“It’s about ensuring the safety of our patients and staff. We must remain cautious and vigilant in the face of the increase in coronavirus infections.

“Patients and visitors have generally been fantastic in following our advice throughout the pandemic, and we know they will appreciate that we do our best to support safe visiting arrangements.”

Full information and tips on visiting Lincolnshire Community Hospitals as well as contact details for each service are posted on the LCHS website:

The services can be reached at the following numbers:

  • Scotter Ward, John Coupland Hospital, Gainsborough – 01427 816542
  • Welland Ward, Johnson Community Hospital, Spalding – 01775 652003
  • Archer Ward, Louth Community Hospital – 01507 631345 or 01507 631311
  • Archer Assessment Unit, Louth Community Hospital – 01522 307703 or 01522 307700
  • Scarbrough Department, Skegness Hospital – 01754 613503
  • Gloucester Department, Skegness Hospital – 01754 613502

Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust provides local community health services across the county to help people live independently at home, including emergency care, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, health services speech therapy, community nursing, immunizations for school-aged children and therapy services for children.

The trust also provides services in four community hospitals.

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Susan W. Lloyd