Irish tourists warned to take these five safety ‘precautions’ while on holiday in Spain

While many think their summer vacation is the time to completely unwind, you shouldn’t let your guard down.

Irish tourists have been warned of moderate crime rates in popular holiday destination Spain.

The Foreign Office has advised travelers to take five security precautions to ensure they do not become victims of crime abroad.

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During the summer seasons, when the number of tourists is high in the vacation spots, additional security measures are deployed in the public areas.

The Irish government has warned people to be extremely careful at airports, bus stations, train stations, tourist areas and major cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

Tourists may also be targeted because they are unfamiliar with local areas and tend to stop for directions or are not as vigilant in more dangerous locations.

Do not carry these items

The DFA advises Irish travelers not to carry their credit cards, travel tickets and cash and to leave any cash they may have or other valuables in a safe place.

Tourists can leave them locked in their hotel room and separating the items they need to take with them to different places, for example a purse, bag, pocket or fanny pack.

This will reduce the risk of being blocked in the event of theft.


Another important security measure is to leave your passport in a safe place and determine if it is necessary to have it with you.

The DFA suggests leaving a copy of your passport, along with your travel and insurance documents, with family and friends at home.

Irish tourists warned to take important ‘precautions’ while holidaying in Spain

ticket vending machines

Tourists should avoid showing large sums of money in public places and refrain from using ATMs after dark, especially if you are alone.

After leaving the ATM, look around to make sure no one is following you.

Animated areas

When you are in busy areas like train or bus stations or eating in restaurants or cafes, keep a close eye on your belongings and try not to leave them facing the street as they can be easily caught.

Petty crime is a major concern for tourists abroad as they are warned to remain vigilant in case their passport or credit card is stolen.

Pickpockets often position themselves near boarding trains and exits and they can work as a team with one person trying to distract you, while the other tries to steal your items.

Dark areas

It is essential that tourists avoid dark or unlit streets and stairways when in an unfamiliar location.

The DFA advises travelers to be picked up or dropped off as close to the entrance of their hotel or apartment as possible.

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