Group charges Nigerians with security measures


The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation UK), Nigeria Region, has urged Nigerians to adhere to safety measures to avoid hazards.

The association’s chairman, Dr Olusegun Aderemi, who gave advice in Abuja, said it had become important to draw people’s attention to the relevance of safety precautions to protect lives and property. .

Aderemi said the organization has put in place measures to work with government agencies to assign the security rules positions.

He said they also intend to work closely with various organizations to promote the inclusion of safety rules on traffic signs to encourage people to obey them.

“It will remind them of what they already know but are not doing; avoiding disaster is part of our responsibilities. Since we have zero tolerance for accidents, we need to inform organizations about safety and health risks in our daily lives. In everything people do in their organization or in their workplace, safety must be considered,” he added.

Speaking further, Aderemi said a 260-man national security defense project committee led by 20 professors from 20 universities has been inaugurated for 2021-2022.

He said 10 professors from 10 universities would oversee sector-by-sector sub-committees to come up with solutions, adding that 10 billion naira had been stipulated for the unveiling of the project.

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Susan W. Lloyd