Columbus woman urges safety after nearly hitting pedestrians

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) – A Columbus woman is urging people to use pedestrian safety precautions after she says she almost hit two women.

Corporal Robert Greene of the Columbus Police Department’s Bike Patrol Unit says the key to staying safe is pushing the button to use crosswalks.

“There was no indication whatsoever that they were in that walkway and crossing,” Laura Lowe said. “They had neglected to press the button.”

Lowe says she was driving a passenger for Uber when she turned right onto Reese Road – surprised to find two women crossing the walkway with no signal lights to alert her.

“I almost hit them,” Low said. “I braked and immediately looked in my mirror because I was afraid the van behind me would hit me.”

Corporal Greene says walking paths don’t get much attention in cold weather and drivers get used to going past crosswalks without interruption. But he says sunny days and warm weather draw more people onto the walking trails.

“People need to know they need to be aware that there will be more people there,” Green said. “So if they’re approaching in a vehicle, an intersection where the trail intersects, slow down a bit because there will be more and more people using that trail as it warms up, as it becomes hotter.”

Greene says there are two main trails in Columbus, the RiverWalk Trail and Fall Line Trace near the PeachTree mall.

He says that while the RiverWalk Trail is a nonstop trail, the Fall Line Trace Trail, which begins on 14th Street, is not. Thus, people should be especially careful.

“If you go out and don’t hit that button, like I said, it’s like jumping in front of a car,” Greene said.

Greene says to continue enjoying these trails, be sure to take all the safety precautions you can.

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