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Pet Safety Guide: How to Leave Your Pet Home with Confidence

Soju prepares for his next dangerous adventure. Macy Meyer / CNET I adopted my cat, Soju, during the pandemic – and I’ve already started to worry about leaving her as I return to the office. It’s understandable: we’ve spent almost 24 hours a day together for over a year. People have adopted a record number […]

A Quick Guide to Toy Safety

SAFETY can easily become a second consideration when purchasing toys for your children at home. When writing shopping lists kids can get very excited and they tend to bombard you too much with details and specifications of toys that you always end up putting safety aside. This should not always be the case. The Department […]

2021 Elevator Safety Guide for Building Owners and Residents

Ready for an incredible safety statistic? 17,000 people are injured each year because of elevators. It’s a tragic loss with 30 people a year dying in an elevator. Of course, we want to avoid any injury or death. But the number of elevator-related injuries and fatalities is surprisingly low, given their frequent use. There are […]

Radiator Safety Guide: Keep Your Feet Warm Without Starting a Fire

Dale Smith / CNET An inadequate central heating system can disrupt your comfort, especially during the cold winter months. Whether your whole house is losing heat too quickly, or a specific room just won’t warm up without turning the rest of the house into a sauna, a heater can be a simple fix. These small […]

Earthquake Safety Guide: Protect Yourself and Your Family From Shakes

Getty When the tectonic plates in the earth’s crust move, it creates seismic waves from the sudden release of energy – what we call an earthquake. Throughout the history of the Earth, tectonic plate movements created oceans and displaced continents, shaping the world we see today. Earthquakes occur all over the world, but they are […]

State Department of Education Releases Health and Safety Guide for School Reopening | Public Service News

ALBANY – The state’s Department of Education has released a “health and safety guide” to reopening New York schools, a move applauded by New York State United Teachers in the absence of direction from the department of State Health. The guide uses information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which the DOH […]