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Kravis Center Takes COVID Security Measures for Next Theater Season

The Kravis Center in West Palm Beach has released its COVID-19 safety measures for the upcoming season of live performances. I have some adjustments. *** Kravis center rule: “The Kravis Center requires all staff and volunteers to be vaccinated and implements specific health and safety compliance standards for all performers and the team.” Cerabino adjustment: […]

A Quick Guide to Toy Safety

SAFETY can easily become a second consideration when purchasing toys for your children at home. When writing shopping lists kids can get very excited and they tend to bombard you too much with details and specifications of toys that you always end up putting safety aside. This should not always be the case. The Department […]

2021 Elevator Safety Guide for Building Owners and Residents

Ready for an incredible safety statistic? 17,000 people are injured each year because of elevators. It’s a tragic loss with 30 people a year dying in an elevator. Of course, we want to avoid any injury or death. But the number of elevator-related injuries and fatalities is surprisingly low, given their frequent use. There are […]

Agriculture Secretary urges residents to take food safety precautions during floods and power outages

Harrisburg – Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding today urged farmers and consumers to take precautionary food safety measures following severe flooding and power outages caused by remnants of the depression tropical Ida. “When inclement weather strikes, the first thing we want to do is protect our families,” Secretary Redding said. “Part of staying safe is recognizing […]

Northwestern Polytechnic University Announces New Safety Precautions Due To Delta Variant

FREMONT, California, September 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Northwestern Polytechnic University (NPU) announced several new safety precautions to not only ensure the safety of students and staff, but also to mitigate any risk of a COVID-19 Delta variant for as many as possible Fremont and the San Francisco Bay Area. The COVID-19 pandemic remains […]

2 public security officers who died of COVID took the same training course

Aug 31 — Two public safety officers died following a joint fire training course in early August. Aiken Public Safety Officer Kevin Simmons and North Augusta Public Safety Officer Dustin Michael Beasley have each died after contracting COVID-19. On August 12, the Aiken Standard reported that several officers tested positive for COVID-19 during a multi-week […]

Several Aiken County Public Security Officers Test Positive for COVID; unknown source

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WJBF) – Several public safety officers in Aiken County have tested positive for COVID-19. These public security officers are from the departments of North Augusta and Aiken. The diagnosis was confirmed during training organized by the Aiken Public Security Department. The training has taken place in recent weeks. “We were doing a […]

Columbia & Refugee intersection is a safety hazard

Pataskala residents are concerned that there is fatal potential due to northbound speeding blowing through the stop sign in Columbia at its T-junction with Refugee Road. Residents who live on the north side of Refugee Road, where Columbia ends at a stop sign before running and continuing west, came to council on August 2 to […]

COVID-19 is not a food safety hazard – FAO

The virus that causes COVID-19 is not a direct food safety problem, according to updated guidelines from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The document replaces the FAO and World Health Organization (WHO) interim guidance on coronavirus and food safety for food businesses, originally published in April 2020. The earlier guidelines […]

Tork site safety guide shares health and safety recommendations for manufacturers

Hygiene and health company Essity has developed the Tork Site Safety Guide for Manufacturing to share best practices. Today, the global health and hygiene company Essity, the global manufacturer of Tork, released the Tork Site Safety Guide for Manufacturing. This guide provides an overview of Essity’s first-hand experience with the pandemic and its role in […]