Atlanta Public Schools invest in air purification solutions as additional safety measures for in-person instruction

ATLANTA, March 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Atlanta Public Schools recently invested in portable air purifiers for their schools as part of their safety initiatives to maintain in-person instruction and improve the overall air quality in its learning environments.

The school district has prioritized safety measures to return to in-person education amid pandemic-related risks. Recognizing the filtration benefits of portable air purifiers has been a crucial step in effectively mitigating these airborne risks and adds another level to the district’s highly successful COVID-19 mitigation strategy.

APS has strict and thorough protocols in place to maintain safety throughout the district. The city has seen severe influxes of COVID-19 cases during the pandemic, considered one of the top 10 hotspots among major U.S. cities last January. As a result, it has been difficult for school districts in the Atlanta metro area to allow for the full restoration of in-person classes.

To elevate its current safety measures, which include a district-wide mask mandate, daily sanitization of classrooms and buses, a stay-in-test protocol, voluntary surveillance testing and vaccine recommendations , APS has added portable air purifiers to each classroom for source-specific mitigation of airborne contaminants.

APS acquired 5,000 EnviroKlenz air systems More purifiers from Timilon Corporation, an innovative developer, manufacturer and marketer of patented environmentally safe products for neutralizing contaminants in commercial and residential environments. EnviroKlenz air systems will be installed throughout the district to operate quietly in the background of classrooms, providing additional air exchanges to filter airborne pathogens when students and teachers coexist inside.

To choose the right air quality specific measures, APS partnered with Setty, a sustainable engineering company, to test a selection of air purifiers suitable for classroom installation. Going that extra mile demonstrates APS’ continued commitment to better indoor air quality for its schools. With expertise in optimizing indoor air quality for buildings, Setty evaluated each air purifier for performance metrics such as sound level and effectiveness in destroying airborne toxins. like viruses and VOCs to find the most suitable solution for APS. The EnviroKlenz Air System More came out as the best qualified choice due to its effectiveness in advanced filtration.

APS recognizes the level of importance air quality has on the health and safety of its community, encouraging their decision to invest in these air purifiers as well as implement HVAC system upgrades existing. Rather than being reactive, APS views this initiative as preparing for optimal learning conditions amid any air quality impediments, both during and after the pandemic.

“Even before the pandemic, our goal was always to do everything we could to ensure that the learning and working environments in all of our schools were as safe and healthy as possible,” said the superintendent of the APS, Dr. Lisa Herring. “We are proud of this fair investment to improve indoor air quality in all of our schools. These units will remain in our classrooms beyond the pandemic and will be part of our overall protocol to provide our students and teachers with clean and healthy learning. and work environments.”

The EnviroKlenz Air System More uses a multi-stage filtration process, equipped with a patented mineral earth-mineral air cartridge, HEPA and UV-C germicidal defense. Thanks to its exclusive technology, the Air System More captures and destroys 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and other harmful airborne pollutants, validated by 3rd party lab testing. The acclaimed air purifiers have been installed in over 100,000 classrooms across the country, operating as a safe and effective solution to protect students, teachers and staff.

EnviroKlenz Project Manager Cody Stahl speaks about his involvement in the school district’s initiative, saying, “With our proven technology, we can provide Atlanta Public Schools with peace of mind that their classrooms are protected from invisible threats in the air.Beyond the pandemic risks, air quality issues such as VOCs, CO2 and other pollutants still exist, and air purifiers will become a staple in classrooms to protect students and teachers from any type of airborne hazard.”

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