Are you going for a ride or a treatment? 21 Safety Steps to Take on a Halloween Outing

If you’re planning on taking your kids out with candy or a spell, follow these safety precautions for a fun Halloween:

1. Follow CDC guidelines to make sure your celebrations are safe during the pandemic. Click here for 21 tips.


2. Choose to wear a Halloween themed face cover instead of a costume mask.

3. All costumes, wigs and accessories must be fire resistant.

4. If children are allowed out after dark, tie reflective tape to their costumes and bags.

5. When buying makeup for Halloween, make sure it is not toxic and always test it in a small area first. Remove all makeup before children go to bed to avoid skin and eye irritation.


6. Make sure you are seen! Wear reflective tape, use glow sticks, or take a flashlight. Watch how some kids do it below:

7. Practice social distancing with groups that are not in your own household.

8. A responsible adult must accompany young children on neighborhood tours.

9. If your older children are going alone, plan and review an itinerary that works for you.

10. Ask the children to travel only to familiar, well-lit areas and to stay with their friends.

11. Agree on a specific time for the children to come home.

12. Children and adults put down their electronic devices, keep their heads up and walk across the street, do not run.

13. Cross at corners, using traffic lights and crosswalks.

14. Teach children to say “NO! Aloud if someone is trying to get them to go somewhere, accept something other than a treat, or go with them. Tell them to try everything they can to escape, including yelling, hitting, and kicking.

15. The Red Cross that you bring hand sanitizer with you on a sleight of hand and use it after touching objects or other people. Wash your hands when you get home.


16. Slow down in residential areas and obey all signs and traffic signals. Drive at least 5 mph below the posted speed limit to give yourself more time to react to children who may be rushing down the street.

17. Watch for children walking on roads, medians and sidewalks. In dark costumes, they will be more difficult to see at night.

18. Look for children crossing the street. They may ignore traffic and cross the street in the middle of a block or between parked cars.

19. Enter and exit the alleys and alleys carefully.

20. Turn on your headlights to be more visible, even in broad daylight.

21. Widen your sweep by looking for children left and right in yards and porches.


More safety tips:

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Susan W. Lloyd