Aiken public security officers and dispatchers to receive a pay rise

AIKEN, South Carolina – Aiken City Council unanimously voted to increase the salaries of Aiken public security agents and dispatchers. According to city manager Stuart Bedenbaugh, wages will rise seven percent in October.

“The first responsibility of a municipality is the safety of citizens,” explains Kay Brohl, city councilor of Aiken. “We need to make sure Public Safety has what it needs to protect us all. “

The increase comes as chef Charles Barranco works to develop his team.

“It makes us very competitive with surrounding agencies and agencies across the state,” Barranco said.

Recruiting new officers and firefighters has become difficult. Agencies compete for a small pool of applicants.

“Our agents are cross-trained,” Brohl notes. “They are not only police officers, they are also firefighters. This makes them very valuable to other entities.

This is the second salary increase in two years for Aiken Public Safety. While some agencies are considering funding law enforcement, Aiken is going in the opposite direction.

“I’ve had calls from chiefs in South Carolina and Georgia saying, ‘It’s pretty impressive that the council has taken a big step forward. The kindhearted men and women of this department are in the right place. I think it’s easier to support them knowing that.

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