A homeless camp above the park’s concession stand poses a safety risk, Pigtown residents say

BALTIMORE – There’s a part of Carroll Park that isn’t what you’d call “green space.” Instead, people call it a health hazard.

“I don’t even want to look,” said Diante Edwards, president of Citizens of Pigtown. “The smell is enough to drive me away.”

The “Citizens of Pigtown”, along with the “Friends of Carrollton Park”, want what is above the country house and concession stand to be cleaned up by the city.

WMAR-2 News camera found a makeshift homeless camp. There were beds, clothes, drug paraphernalia and more.

“There’s also human waste,” Edwards said. “There are people peeing and defecating around the country house and it’s not safe for children and it’s not safe for park users.”

WMAR Staff

The organizations told WMAR-2 News they had contacted the city, but nothing was done.

“I had people come up to me and ask me for money,” said one park user. “They actually told me they lived above the concession stand.”

So how do they get there?

People say that individuals can easily climb using a welded metal grid.

“There are so many things you could do to stop it,” Megan Cardoso said, with “Friends of Carroll Park.”

She said the organization would like to see more people using the facility, but it is difficult to attract people when the facility is in its current state.

“You can set up any type of structure,” she said. “Block access, but it needs to be cleared first.”

WMAR-2 News shines a light on the issue in hopes of getting the town’s attention.

“Many of the needed repairs have been on the city’s list for a number of years,” Cardoso said. “Hopefully it will pick up speed a bit, but not just one thing or another project as a whole.”

“Friends of Carroll Park” said bathrooms and lighting are an issue in addition to the homeless camp.

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