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Emerald Ash Borer populations continue to pose a safety threat in Indiana | new

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Road safety officers carry out an operation in a village in the Harborough district after residents express concerns about dangerous driving

The Leicestershire Police Safer Roads Specials team conducted a road safety operation in Hallaton. The Leicestershire Police Safer Roads Specials team conducted a road safety operation in a village in Harborough. Officers traveled to Hallaton, near Market Harborough, after villagers raised concerns about the dangerous driving. Police call on motorists to be more considerate of […]

The CQC highlights the success of nurses in the role of PPE safety officers

Inspectors praised a hospital trust in the south west of England for the way it uses nurses as personal protective equipment (PPE) safety officers. The role was presented to the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust by the organization’s chief nurse at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. “We heard how these employees led the changes […]

Overflight flooding poses a safety risk

AUTOMOBILISTS want Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) to take action to address the long-standing problem of flooding over Jalan Universiti whenever it rains heavily. Flooding occurs whenever there is a downpour, resulting in heavy traffic jams as vehicles cannot pass safely. Flooding over Jalan Universiti on April 13 resulted in two cars breaking down, causing […]

GRCC leaders and public security officers discuss social issues – School News Network

Grand Rapids – Over the past year, public trust in police officers in the United States has declined significantly to 48% from a peak of 64% in 2004, according to a Gallup Study. Reflecting on recent acts of police brutality against people of color and a growing distrust of law enforcement, Jermaine Reese, director of […]

Coronasomnia is real and a pressing safety hazard facing employers: Risk and insurance

Sleep is essential for everyone, but when external stressors – like a global pandemic – prevent workers from sleeping late, what can employers do to keep employees safe on the job? William Shakespeare is credited with creating 1,700 words that we still use today, from “bedroom” and “eyeball” to “alligator” and “skim milk”. It is […]