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Calvert County American Legion Honors Top Law Enforcement and Public Safety Officials | |

PRINCE FREDERICK, Maryland – On Wednesday, March 31, 2021, American Legion Posts in Calvert County honored law enforcement, corrections and communications personnel for their professional accomplishments that exceeded duty expectations. Laureates and guests were greeted by Patricia McCoy-Maryland National Executive Committee, followed by the Oath of Allegiance, Opening Prayer and introductions from Commander Bob Specher. […]

Bumble Launches ‘Stand for Safety’ Initiative with Women’s Safety Guide to Combat Online Abuse – Technology News, Firstpost

PF trendMarch 24, 2021 6:47:51 PM IST Dating app buzz launched a new “Stand for Safety” initiative, which includes a safety guide for women to protect themselves from online abuse. This was done in collaboration with Safecity, a public safety platform owned by the Red Dot Foundation. buzz allows women to make the first contact […]

The COVID Pandemic Isn’t Over: A Passover Safety Guide

Passover this year will look more normal than last year, but the coronavirus pandemic is still here, so in addition to all the ordinary dangers that come with spring break, additional safety measures need to be taken this year. which begins on March 27 and ends on April 3, the Magen David Adom (MDA) has […]

Public security officers must wear body cameras

University police officers under the Department of Public Security (PSAFE) will begin wearing body cameras this spring, in accordance with state regulations. PSAFE director of operations Kenneth Strother told the Daily Princetonian that only sworn police officers will use the cameras. According to Strother, there are “about 39 [sworn] police officers at Public Security ”, […]

Bills would place security guards on buses and LRTs, and reduce fines for fare evasion

Only 49 people were fined for failing to pay their fares on Metro Transit buses and trains in 2018 and 2019. But that doesn’t mean Minnesotans are particularly diligent about paying for their commute on public transport. . The reality, according to the Metropolitan Council, is that local prosecutors are inclined to prosecute much more […]

Now available: New IAEA specific safety guide on the design of fuel handling and storage systems for nuclear power plants

Fuel handling and storage in nuclear power plants are important operational activities of a nuclear reactor, such as receiving, storing and inspecting new fuel before use; transfer of fresh fuel to the reactor or removal of spent fuel from the reactor; and, its storage and handling in the spent fuel pool. The latest IAEA safety […]

Overloaded LNG line is a safety hazard, report says – Journal

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s liquefied natural gas terminals are overloaded and the LNG value chain is very fragile in all parameters by global standards and could face operational and safety risks, contrary to common perception in the world. public discourse that terminals are underutilized. “Even with the low ‘re-gas / storage’ and ‘LNG import capacity / storage’ […]

Cold water poses a safety hazard even when temperatures rise | Community

COLUMBUS, Ohio – With spring temperatures fast approaching, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) is reminding Ohioans that warmer weather doesn’t mean warmer water. Water temperatures in lakes and streams are still very cold, and even the best swimmers could experience complete exhaustion and symptoms of hypothermia in just a few minutes. Almost 90% […]