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The MLB Safety Guide has some interesting rules, like don’t spit. no showers

PHOENIX—- We no longer need to hear the words “pro rata” or “pro rata”. We don’t have to listen to the players rip the owners apart, the owners shoot the union, or the fans trying to choose sides. It’s been 104 days since baseball was shut down – three months of name-calling and bitterness. And […]

NBA Safety Guide Has Cool Rules, Like Don’t Lick Your Hands On The Court

Say this for the NBA: Its 108-page “Health and Safety Protocols for the Resumption of the 2019-20 NBA Season” are comprehensive, detailed, and filled with many rules, regulations and requirements. While the National Basketball Players Association sent out a summary of health and safety guidelines, the NBA went into detailed details such as how many […]

COVID-19 Pandemic: Safety Guide for Wearing a Face Mask

To share Tweeter To share To share E-mail Listen to this article Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the world has changed and people are gradually adjusting to a new way of life that involves more emphasis on safety and hygiene. The government has made it compulsory to wear protective masks, gloves and disinfectant. […]

CTPA publishes safety guide to encourage consumers to return to stores

By Becky Bargh 9-June-2020 Regulatory The charter backed by the British Retail Consortium sets out a series of factors consumers should consider when non-essential stores reopen on June 15 The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) has released a charter to encourage beauty customers to return to stores as restrictions on coronaviruses relax. Supported by […]