DVIDS – News – USAACE Security Guards Obtain Professional Certification

After nine months of self-paced learning, two warrant officers from the US Army Aviation Center of Excellence recently completed the requirements for the CP-12 Professional Certificate accredited by the American National Standards Institute. Chief Warrant Officer 4 Joshua McCurry, Aviation Branch Safety Officer, and Chief Warrant Officer 4 Bryan Potter, 1st Aviation Brigade Safety Officer […]

Pet Safety Guide: How to Leave Your Pet Home with Confidence

Soju prepares for his next dangerous adventure. Macy Meyer / CNET I adopted my cat, Soju, during the pandemic – and I’ve already started to worry about leaving her as I return to the office. It’s understandable: we’ve spent almost 24 hours a day together for over a year. People have adopted a record number […]

ACA negotiated between the county and the Coalition of Public Safety Officers OK by commission

BERNALILLO – The Sandoval County Commission voted 4-1 to approve the collective agreement negotiated between the county and the New Mexico Coalition of Public Safety Officers at Thursday night’s meeting. Commissioner Jay Block represented the dissenting vote in favor of impacted agencies, including sheriff’s deputies. He told the Observer the county could have done more […]

Forum: Let Workplace Safety Guards Focus On Injury Prevention, Forum News & Top Stories

One of the changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic is that professional occupational safety and health (OHS) obligations have been extended to many areas, such as the administration and management of various safety measures. Covid-19 security management. Administering rapid antigen tests and tracking results is almost a full-time job and is in addition to […]

CDC Publishes Safety Precautions Related to COVID-19 Holiday Safety, Then Resumes Them; Upcoming updates

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) withdrew its vacation safety recommendations. Last weekend, the CDC released a list of safety precautions people should follow during the upcoming holiday season. However, he went back on his suggestions by removing them from his website on Monday. “If you’re celebrating indoors, let in some fresh air […]

Fire safety week encourages fire safety measures

This week Fire Protection Week Annual fire safety promotion and awareness of what families can do at home to prevent fires and protect themselves from tragedies, as well as what firefighting companies do. Fire protection week is coming to this region this year Some catastrophic fires With a widespread broken heart. In June, a family […]

Fire Prevention Week promotes fire precautions

This week is Fire Prevention Week, the annual campaign for fire safety and awareness not only of what fire companies are doing, but also what families can do in their homes to prevent fires and help themselves. protect from tragedies. Fire Prevention Week arrives in the region this year after several devastating fires with deep […]

Op-Ed: School Safety Officers Don’t Make Students Feel Safe

There is a widespread and justified fear of shootings in schools. The problem with this fear is that the American imagination often conjures up a disgruntled teenager as a shooter. Instead, most of the people bringing guns to middle and high school campuses are uniformed officers paid for “”patrol“schools. During the 13 years that the […]

Draft mandate, mask mandate and security precautions

This week, the Board of Health discussed plans to make the special city meeting on November 1 a safe environment for attendees. The main question they had was whether they could legally force voters to wear masks? While I cover this, I will also provide an overview of what the voters in attendance will expect […]